Having a perfect complexion is possible, but it can not be by a miracle (or you are a really lucky one). Otherwise, follow these simple steps to make yourself a pretty little face ! And, anyways, to be beautiful, there’s nothing like a nice smile !





Rule # 1. Remove make up  and clean up this pretty little face

A nice fresh complexion starts first by a good makeup removal, whether with makeup remover wipes, milk or lotion. It is then imperative to clean the skin with soap, foaming gel or your “favorite” product. The result is a clean and clear skin. A little extra : clean clean your skin even when you did not use any make up and enjoy the shower to exfoliate your face with exfoliating gloves. Say Bye bye to small dead skin.


Rule # 2. Apply a moisturizing cream

Our skin is waiting for his care, hydrating, purifying or mattifying according to skin type concerned. For dry skin, remember to stay hydrated. For more oily skin, a mattifying one guarantee a matte complexion all day. And for more efficiency, consider applying your care at night, preferably, as the skin regenerates at night. There’s a lot of different product that you can choose from serums to creams or oils. It depends on what texture you prefer ! But please don’t abuse it, choose only one at a time … Otherwise, hello clogged pores and goodbye to the perfect complexion !

Rule # 3. Correct the imperfections

To achieve a perfect make up, the most important is the base. Using a concealer one or two times lighter than your skin complexion will illuminate this area, often darken by black circles. A simple tip : blend in with your fingertips (the heat will help the product to spread well) from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner through the lower lash line, drawing a triangle to the tip of the cheeks for a more natural effect. Basically, apply as well to correct blemishes, marks and scars by depositing some concealer here and there as needed, don’t forget to blend in !

Rule # 4. Apply your foundation

We always choose a shade below the color of our skin tone to avoid being orange or looking fake ! Depending on the preference it can be applied with the fingers, a sponge or brush for a professional finish, although professionals recommend to use a foundation brush. Always apply the outward face of the center stretching out the product to avoid the packets ! A little tip, we take the minimum to begin with, then adds some product progressively if needed… And to avoid getting the disaster of a mask effect keep applying to the neck area as well !


Rule # 5. Ensure it stays up all day

This is where the powder enter in the game ! With a big “pompon” brush the powder is applied on the face on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) to fix the foundation and prevent shine during the day. Lightly on the cheek and neck and voila !


Rule # 6.  The magic of contouring (optional)

Using a bronzer or a terra-cotta will sculpt parts of the face, giving you a beautiful sun-kissed effect. Apply by small strokes on the line just below the cheekbones. On the curved cheekbones, we will put the blush. You will know where to by smiling ! For the tan effect, “yeah,  I just came back from holiday”, apply the powder on the top of the forehead  (hairline and temples). You can also contour the jaw following the natural line. For the perfectionist girls, you can add a glow effect by using a lighter powder to light up some keys area, like on the center of the forehead, on the nose bridge and the top of the chin (to help, find the area where the light naturally is).


Rule # 7. The finish

Here we are ! You now have a radiant and even complexion, remains to make up eyes and mouth at your convenience !


Rule # 8. Maintain a good skin condition

Regularly, consider exfoliating the dead skin cells. To clarify and remineralize, the good authentic clay mask is perfect, since it has many virtues, astringent, anti-dirts …

And plenty of sleep and a good nutrition promotes healthy and balanced skin as well !



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