Welcome to New York ! As in the previous articles, I would like to share this wonderful day out in one of the most beautiful and iconic city in the world.

It’s very nice to go travelling, to Paris, London and Rome. It’s oh, so nice to go travelling. But it’s so much nicer… Yes it’s so much nicer to come home !  Frank Sinatra.

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Today we’ll talk in more detail about the Musical I was lucky to attend, also about the MAC lipsticks, in this case, perfect for fall, and, a proper attire for a rainy day of autumn (in good fashionista, you have to adapt to everything) !

I haven’t been spoiled by the weather for that day as I was looking forward to. It was sunny the day before and the day after, but not the on the big day ! I woke up with a grey weather and rain to thrill the most courageous ones… OK now let’s stop talking about the weather… Fortunately, nothing stops me, equipped with my favorite boots, and my new cashmere cape purchased Paris last week, I decided to walk the New York streets without any complex ! …hum with an umbrella too…


The look to stroll around

Here I wear The Cape 2 Elles found in “Mutant” store in Paris (for more details, go see my previous article here in Paris), Aztec printed with small discreet golden stripes, I really love as its really confortable too …! I chose to associate it with a faux leather pants from H&M and my favorite two-material boots found in sale at Galleries Lafayette two years ago (It’s like Nordstrom in Europe)… I don’t get enough! And a very nice gray pearls necklace, from “Mutant” as well.



Shopping spree at the MAC store

It was too rainy for me, I had to stop somewhere like … in the MAC store in Times Square made me feel way better ! I was looking for a beautiful red lipstick that will stays for hours without moving, while maintaining proper hydration indeed. I wore for some time Ruby Woo, from MAC therefore, a vibrant red matte perfect but it terribly parched my lips. But on the shelve right there I see … BINGO ! The seller offers me the Viva Glam A74, a deep red color (hue 1), slightly  purple-ish, always mate, but richer in hydration ! I highly recommend it, it’s my new favorite, matching very well with our autumn outfits too !



A few hours on Broadway

I always dreamt to attend a Broadway musical show, and it’s now done ! With this bloomy sky, there were nothing better than to get warmer in a theater. What a surprise and wonder, for Matilda. If you haven’t heard about it, I’ll tell you everything.

This is the story of a little girl, so smart and touching, full of common sense, who wants only the good of all and fights against injustice. She likes to tell stories, betting on stage at the time, and delve into his books. Her parents hardly understand her and have also rather wanted a boy instead. On her first day of school she met her teacher, Miss Honey, and a kind of intellectual and emotional alchemy settled between them two…

This really is a unique musical, funny, shocking and spectacular at a time show, I greatly laughed, shed a tear and was thrilled at the same time. My experience was just magical in Broadway.

Zoe xxx




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