Expert Beauty tips

We forge our techniques over the time … Yes. But here are some beauty tips sharpened by professionals.  To know everything about their secret beauty tips, scroll down bellow !

A fresh smoky makeup every time!

“My tip for a smoky fees every time? Always apply a light touch to the inner corner of the eye with concealer two shades lighter than the natural skin tone or a pearly white. A tip which particularly fits dark eyes. “Benjamin Puckey, freelance make-up artist.


Where do we place the perfume ?

“Above all, never wear perfume at the wrist, as jewelery and watches alter the scent. The ideal is to squirt into the crook of your elbow or neck : the perfume then diffuses to the maximum. “Jean Claude Ellena, exclusive perfumer of Hermès.


Easier installation of false eyelashes, it is possible?

“My tip for easier installation of false eyelashes ? Before applying, I always relaxed seconds by wrapping them around my index finger. They then work more easily, allowing a perfect application on the first try. “Violet, Make-up designer lab Dior.


A sun-kissed effect without giving it an caky side …

“To face tan without giving it heavy side, one technique : drop the Terracotta brush on all parts of the curved face, then apply an illuminator all-over, as the latest generation of Guerlain Meteorites, which had a breath of fresh air to the complexion. “Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director Guerlain makeup.


Enlarge his eyes, neither seen nor known.

“To enlarge the eyes, seen or known as Studio, apply beige eye pencil on the wet line, inside of the eye. It is much more effective and more discreet than white pencil too artificial … “Sébastien Poirier, make-up artist backstage.


Moisturize a mouth incognito !

“To soften it, I apply a moisturizing mask onto the mouth. For natural lips, just draw the outline in pencil after applying a lipstick. Finally, colored lip balms allow me to make up stubborn mouths whilst enhancing and softening incognito ! “Isabelle Gaullier, makeup Guerlain.

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