Here we are in Bangkok, capital of Thailand where I had the chance to spend some wonderful times. The city moves so fast and activities abound, yet for this trip, I wanted originality and glamor !

So glad that I chose to go for a photo shooting that day, which  was in total agreement with my environment, the traditional Thai picture ! I went to the most famous commercial center of the country, called MBK. It is in this “monster” giant shopping mall,  that you can find EVERYTHING you’ll ever need : restaurants, bars, beauty salons, massage, hairdressers, souvenir shops, clothing, accessories, electronics stores, home furnishings  …. and the list is endless !

We will stop at the photographer for this time. The place is called S.SAMGAO lounge and offers their services : Turning you from head to toe into a local princess, for 1500 baht (local currency) with an outfit choice, a personalized hairstyle, makeup and accessories, in 2 hours time !

For this magic moment, I chose to wear a traditional dress that a princess from Bangkok city would wear, which consists of a very beautiful fitted long skirt and a silver asymetric top “drapé” that goes over one shoulder. In fact, you can choose your outfit directly from catalogs offering a thousand different styles matching with origins and customs of Indonesia. The fun part is that you could pick a make-up from a Java princess and a dress from Jakarta… mix and match ! Which took me an hour to decide. Everything was so interesting.

Kat, my makeup artist, knew how to make wonders to fade away any signs of fatigue accumulated during the flight from Dubai to Bangkok ! He realized my look with a superb smoky eyes and accentuated with eyeliner. The MUST in Thailand : the pink blush on the cheeks ! Impossible to miss for them as it adds a little freshness. To complete the look, Kat applies a delicious pink gloss on my lips, and we are ready for the stage !

It is an incredible experience to do, if possible, once in a lifetime, although I would do it again and again… I realize how lucky I was able to meet people, totally culturally different and it’s just indescribable. I hope you will appreciate the results as much as they made me enjoy that day !

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below if you have any questions and, I’ll really appreciate your reactions . Thank you very much for reading my story and I hope that, maybe one day, you’ll stop by the Thai photographer !

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