La Dolce Vita, the scarf in the wind and the beautiful rolling convertibles at full speed under the burning sun of Italy … here we are!

From Thailand, we have come a long way. I’m really super happy to share with you my moments in Rome, a favorite city, since I myself had already been here for 24h, I immediately thought that this beautiful destination deserved much more attention. Yes ! The attention to detail is what characterizes this place, heritage, memory of the past and present. Wherever one goes, one can not avoid crossing the fabulous and enchanting monuments that tell you stories, so of course, you take the dare to look up and admire the well-preserved beauty of their curves.

During my stay and already in love with the city, we decided, my soulmate and I to visit the most historic places. The Coliseum, in the center of the city of Rome and to the rear, the Palatin. And the most beautiful squares like Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon … The “ceiling” of original features imitated in the Vatican Museum’s many rooms. The famous Trevi Fountain was unfortunately under construction, so we went to find happiness elsewhere ! We also had the chance to visit the Vatican and its museum, then, the St Pierre Cathedral. And pizza’s, mama miaaaaaa, a local and authentic trattoria has no price (in the literal and figurative way!).

In preparation for these few days in Rome, I had carefully packed some outfits including this, my favorite. I wear a pastel-blue tunic dress from Zara and a handbag from Primark. If we don’t know, they seem to be from a single collection ! Also a nice necklace, to give a classy touch. The dress, I had immediately spotted it on the shelves. Tried it, loved it! It’s just beautiful to wear, pleasant, smooth and fluid! As for shoes, they are the latest winter collection purchased at Shoe Mart Dubai, but I still adore them so much.

Please leave me a comment down below to give your opinion or share about Roma !

Zoe xxx jeuxdombres_dolcevita_myshopper


DRESS  :  Zara


BAG : Primark

SUNNIES : Claire’s (similar)

BOOTS  : Shoe Mart UAE (similar)

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